16 January 2014

What's On My Face: Hot Day

It is so stinking hot today in Adelaide!  Supposedly Adelaide is hotter than any other City in the World today!  That is crazy!  The temperature is 46 degrees or 155 degrees fahrenheit
 which is high! :)  I'm sure if it's gotten to that yet but every day this week has been over 40 and that is too hot for me!

Because this sort of weather messes with your head I haven't been thinking properly and haven't been able to complete the post I planned.  So I thought I would do a "What's On My Face" post for a hot day.  I'll be honest and say I haven't worn makeup for the first 3 days of this week but I was missing wearing it so I put on minimal makeup today.  Because I wasn't planning on doing this post I don't have my own pictures for all items, so have used their website image, but I will write that below where relevant.

First I used Chi Chi's Super BB Cream  instead of foundation:

And blended it in with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush:

Website Image
I moisturised my lips with Lucas Papaw Ointment which is awesome!  Enough said :)

I then used Chi Chi's BASES Palette for my eyes:

I got this image from http://maquillage-paradis.blogspot.com.au because the website's images didn't show the colours as well.
1.  All over lid & brow bone
2.  Lid
3 Crease
4 Inner corner & a touch below my brows

I blended them with my Manicare Eyeshadow Brush.

Then I applied Chi Chi 3D Magic Lash mascara to my top lashes:

And Revlon Photoready 3D Volume mascara to my bottom lashes:
Website Image
I then applied Revlon Super Lustreous Lipstick in Pink Cloud 801 which is a gorgeous frosty pink colour:

Website Image

And then I was done.  I know it's not a lot of makeup but it has stayed on all day where normal foundations wouldn't have.  I decided to forgo a blush as my cheeks get red enough by themselves :P

I hope this post has been interesting for you; let me know if you'd like to see another one like it.  I'd love to do a Workday Edition :)  Also if you'd like individual posts on anything I've mentioned then let me know!  I really want to do a post on the Chi Chi Palettes because I absolutely love them!

Hope it isn't too hot where you are at the moment (or cold if you're on the other side of the world!)

Take care and talk soon,

PS:  I watched a youtube clip that says it's best to make your photos as big as possible... not sure about it yet though.  What do you think?  I think it will look better once I learn to take better pictures ;)  Btw I have changed the horizontal pictures back to large because they were too wide - what do you think?

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