9 January 2014

Spending Money

Now that my husband and I are married we have a joint account where all our money goes and things like food, bills, petrol, mortgage payments, etc. comes out of.  We don't budget for spending money but if we really want/need something we will just ask the other person and then nearly always end up buying it.  

Because of this I wanted to find a way to get the things I wanted (not needed like makeup and clothes) but not have to spend our hard earned moolah.  It was then I found online surveys.  Now I didn't just Google online survey companies and then click the first one I saw because that would've been a great way to get scammed.  But my sister had tried some in the past and there are also something companies advertising on TV.

So the following are the websites that I currently use in order of most used:

My Survey  -  http://mysurvey.net.au/

Valued Opinions  -  https://www.valuedopinions.com.au/

Mint Surveys  -  http://www.mintsurveys.com.au/

Nine Rewards  -  http://ninerewards.com.au/

My View  -  http://www.myview.com.au/

Opinion World  -  https://www.opinionworld.com.au/

So basically you complete surveys that are emailed to your inbox and you get points or dollars for each one.  The surveys range in time from 5 - 30 minutes and sometimes you get special long ones that you get paid extra for.  Over time you accumulate points or dollars until you have enough to redeem them for typically a gift card.  Generally you get roughly $1.00 for every 10 minutes however the surveys usually take less time than they say.

I'm not sure whether these companies are available in other countries but I have found if you google a survey companies name and whether they are legitimate or not, usually forums will come up confirming they are ok.

I have received many vouchers from these types of websites and really enjoy that little bonus gift card.  I find when I have gift cards I'm more likely to be ok with spending them on myself whereas if I had cash I would end up spending it on shopping or something :) 

I hope this post helped you if you find yourself wanting a bit of cash for yourself.  I have a mini haul coming up with some things I bought over Christmas with my gift cards which is rather exciting!

Let me know if you've used any of these types of websites and what you thought! :)

PS:  If you prefer the beauty posts I might have another tomorrow!  Yay!

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