30 January 2014

Date Night

There is something about a date night once you have been married for a little while.  They don't occur that often but when they do, they are very special indeed.

Tonight my husband is taking me out for dinner after work.  A brief pause in our hectic life.  I can't wait!  He thought of going out and he is picking the restaurant which is so lovely.

Life without You is like a broken pencil... Pointless <3

It's so nice to go out like we used to before we were married.  To leave behind housework, bills and budgets and to just focus on each other.  Date nights are the one night it is ok to splurge on each other.

So take my advice and go out with your husband, wife or longtime partner!  You won't regret it :)  It doesn't even need to spend a lot.  A date night can be as simple as a boardgame or going to the movies or even just having a coffee and a chat.  In fact to me the simple dates are the best types.  Just make sure you don't talk about the boring life things! ;)

What does your perfect date involve?  I'd love to hear your stories!


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