10 January 2014

Review: Moccona 'A Hint of Chocolate' Flavour Infused Coffee

As soon as I see coffee type samples I snap them up because I love trying new types.  When I saw the new Moccona 'A Hint of Chocolate' Flavour Infused Coffee I was particularly interested because I love Moccona Coffee.

When the sample arrived I was extremely impressed with the packaging.  How cute is this? :)

 The sample came in a little bag which was a tad annoying but I have put it into a zip-lock bag now.  There was quite a bit in there so it was nice to have a few cups to try instead of the normal 1 or 2.

My thoughts on the chocolate flavour infused coffee is that it was pretty good.  The flavour took a little to get to used to as it is just a hint so it makes your taste buds a bit confused.  To be honest Mocha's aren't really my favourite anyway as I find the chocolate mixed with coffee a bit strange on the palette but I really liked this one.

I think I have mentioned on my blog before that I am officially in love with caramel coffee so I really want to try the caramel version.  I have tried Moccona's sachets as well and LOVE THEM!  I have two big boxes in my cupboard as I write; caramel and latte.

I love it when companies offer samples of products as it really allows you to know whether you like the items or not and so you only buy it if you want to.  I probably won't buy the chocolate flavour of this coffee but probably will buy the caramel.

To sum up the thoughts on Moccona 'A Hint of Chocolate' Flavour Infused Coffee I liked the idea of it but Mocha's aren't really to my taste.  That said I thoroughly enjoyed the coffees I had.  The coffee reminded me A LOT like the Nespresso Ciocattino Pod which is their dark chocolate variation of coffee.
Hope you enjoyed this review.  I know it is a bit random but I get TONNES of samples and thought I might not stick just to the beauty related ones.  Let me know if there are any types of reviews you like more than others :)

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