24 April 2014

Bella Box April 2014 - What I got

My April Bella Box came over a week ago but because of the Easter long weekend I haven't gotten around to showing you what was in it yet.  Because it's been a while since I received it I have been able to use some of the products and so the review part of this box shouldn't be so long a wait!  Every month there is a theme for the box and this month's was Autumn Winter Style which is pretty self explanatory.  We are now well into Autumn and the box would have things that would help us prepare for the colder months.  Each box contains at least 5 deluxe samples and it costs $15.00 per month.

Each month there is a sneak peak and this month we saw that each member would getting something from Burt's Bees and the second sneak peak showed a coloured makeup item.  The sneak peaks were very exciting indeed and I couldn't wait to open my tiffany blue Bella Box and start using my goodies!

So here is what I got...

1.  Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm  -  Cult
Cost: RRP per 8.5g is $7.95.  Full Size Sample!

2.  St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Face Lotion  -  Cult
Cost: RRP per 50ml is $49.95.  I got a 5ml sample which is worth $5.00


3.  Indio Eye Rise  -  Luxe
Cost: RRP per 15ml is $67.20.  I got a 5ml sample which is worth $22.40

4.  Avon Mega Effects Mascara  -  Colour
Cost: RRP per 9ml is $19.95.  Full Size Sample!

5.  Vaseline Ultimate 10 Anti-Ageing Body Lotion  -  Essential
Cost: RRP per 225ml is $7.68.  I got a 25ml sample which is worth $0.85

BONUS  Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup
Cost:  RRP per 30ml $25.95.  The bonus samples were about 1ml which is worth $0.87

And that was the content of my April 2014 Bella Box!

Total Box Value = $57.02

 April's Bella Box has been my favourite so far with TWO (you heard that right!) full size products!  This box is the most well suited to me so far and also worth the most moolah $$!  I'm really looking forward to reviewing these products for you in greater depth and hopefully will have that up for you after the long weekend! Woop Woop I love long weekends :)

What did you get in your Bella Box?  I'd love to hear your reviews on your box and whether you think it's worth the money you pay!

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