10 April 2014

Wishlist: Target Home Decor

I've been looking at the Target Home Decor section both on the website and in-store a lot lately and noticed a whole lot of cute things.  I thought I'd put together a wishlist that will give you a little glimpse into my home style :)

(moving from left to right, top to bottom)
  1. Potted Yucca 71cm - $49.00
  2. Diamond Fabric Storage Cube Size A - $12.00
  3. French Print Oval Basket Medium - $15.00
  4. Abstract Fabric Storage Cube Size A - $12.00
  5. Iron Table Clock - $25.00
  6. Lisa T Vintage Cafe Tin Utensil Holder - $10.00
  7. Crochete Paper Rope Lidded Box - White - $15.00
  8. Timeless Photo Collage - $25.00
  9. Printed Tin Waste Bin - $12.00
  10. Lisa T Vintage Cafe Large Print Wall Art - $35.00
  11. Vintage Cafe Glass Cookie Jar - $12.00
  12. Lisa T Cape York Desk Organiser - 40.00
  13. Lisa T Vintage Cafe Tin - Set of 3 - $25.00
  14. Lisa T Cafe Glass Wall Art - $25.00

I really love all the home decor at Target at the moment especially Lisa T's new collection.  As you can see I like a bit of a mish-mash of things but I am slowly getting there with my house.  A good tip if you are starting to decorate your own place or even your bedroom is buying one or two bits a week/pay cycle.  That way you can slowly get everything you want and not break the bank.

Update!  I bought the 'Lisa T Vintage Cafe Tin - Set of 3 :)  And I love them!  Can't wait to set them up and be all vintage-y and fancy lol

Have you seen any great home decor steals recently?  Let me know! :)

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