12 March 2014

The best way to relax

If you don't follow me on twitter (which you should @AprilThinking) you wouldn't have heard that I am now scheduling my blog posts.  It's been going well so far and I have missed a schedule at all.  So in case you haven't heard I will be putting up a new blog post every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 8:45 am (ACDT).  But I have realised there is a problem with scheduling my posts. Today I felt like doing this chatty post about today and I just don't know whether it will relate to tomorrow.  I mean what if tomorrow is stinking hot and I'm talking about cosy weather?  But then I though OH WELL :)  And wrote it anyway...  Enjoy!

While I am writing this it is 29 degrees and raining.  By tonight it should be cooler and still raining, and I cannot wait!  I love nights where it is that cosy feeling of being warm but still hearing the rain outside.

So tonight I am planning a cosy night in and this is what it will consist of:
  • Homemade chicken and avocado pizza's for tea - This is a really quick meal but is so so yummy!  I might do a post on how to make it, let me know if you'd be interested!
  • Monopoly - my husband & I started playing a game on Monopoly yesterday (which was a public holiday in SA) and it is my favourite game!  We have decided to leave it set up on our table so we can play it over a few days and I love the quality time we get together while we play.
  • Bath Time - gone are the days where bath time was just to get clean.  I love lighting up my Dusk candles and dropping in a Lush bath ballistic and just relaxing for 30 minutes (... or... an hour or two).  Tonight I think I'll go for my Space girl Bath Ballistic...  it smells SO good!

  •  Downton Abbey - I was extremely late jumping on this bandwagon but have been loving this show!  My husband & I have been borrowing it from the local Video Store and have completed the first two seasons.  To finish off the night I would love to watch Season 3 Episode 1!

So that is my ideal "cosy" night :)  How do you relax on a cosy night? 

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