26 March 2014

Nothing Better than a Bath

After an extremely busy week I finally had some down time Sunday night.  It's been getting colder here in Adelaide so I decided to have a cosy night in with just me and my Lush 'Sex Bomb' Bath Ballistic.  I ran my steaming hot bath, popped in the bath ballistic, lit a stawberry candle & had my Donna Hay magazines all ready for reading.  I slipped into the bath and completely relaxed... not even bothering to read my magazines, because the water was so amazing and warm and smelt delicious!

Disclaimer:  I got these photos from either the brand website or from Google

But I never got to enjoy the rest of my bath or my Donna Hay magazine...  just as I was relaxing into my bath we received a phone call saying that someone would be dropping round in about 20 minutes.  And my night changed from the most relaxing to the quickest bath of all time.  I quickly washed my hair and jumped out to clean my house a bit.

What a waste of $6.75!  It's crazy how much we spend on bath bombs but when you get that 30 mins relax it all seems worth it.  This bath however was definitely NOT worth it!  Haha and I'm still not over it ;)

The night after that however was quite nice... our visitors didn't end up staying for long so my husband and I got into our onesies and had coffees on the coach while he watched the cricket.  Then I had an early night.

Have you had any nice and cosy nights in recently?  What is your essential things to use/do?

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