7 March 2014

NP Set - Pretty Presto Holiday Pack

If you haven't heard of "NP set" before it is Napoleon Perdis' cheaper child.  So in Australia, where cosmetics are much more expensive, it is an affordable way to get the Napoleon Perdis quality.

This set retails for $17.00 at Target and I got it for $5.00 on sale!  WHAT-A-BARGAIN!  It comes in a cute little book-type format which I love because it's so easy to pop in your purse on the go.

The set comes with a mirror on one side, two shadows, a blush, a mini mascara & a lip gloss.

Both the blush and eyeshadows are very pigmented shades.  The blush is a bright peachy colour which isn't usually one I would choose.  The shadows however are nice neutral browns with a lid and crease shade.  The darker brown is more matte than "sparkling" as the back of the package suggests but the light brown does shimmer in the light.

I wasn't as much a fan of the two mini items that came with this set.  The lip gloss was a quite milky, sticky texture which looked nothing like it had in the tube.  The mascara had a tiny wand (which was expected) and really didn't do a whole lot.  It didn't clump or anything like that but it just didn't do what I want a mascara to do.  It didn't thicken or lengthen my lashes and I don't think I will be using it again.

The set also came with a Lip Stain & Plumper in the colour Star which is quite a bright coral.  I had never tried a lip plumper but this one certainly lived up to the hype.  I was instantly struck by the tingling in my lips and they definitely felt bigger :)  These retail for $5.00 from Target though I'm not sure I would've ever had the pull to buy one.

Overall I was quite impressed with the quality of this kit.  All the powders were very pigmented and though the gloss & mascara lacked a bit, the lip plumper made up for it.  

Have you tried anything from NP Set?  I would love suggestions as their colour selection always overwhelms me!  I'm not entirely convinced with their palettes as they are quite strange colours.  Let me know!

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