14 March 2014

Bella Box February 2014 - Reviews

I'm going to start this post with a "I'm SO sorry that it took so long to get this post up!" I really wanted to try the products and have been so busy.  I didn't think it was fair to put this post up without properly trying each product as that seems like a lie.

So here we go... :)

1.  Romy Eucalyptus & Lemongrass Body Lotion  -  Green

I really loved the smell of this lotion which I didn't expect!  It is lovely and fresh and perfect for pepping me up in the morning.  I used this one as a hand cream and think it's a perfect sized sample to pop in my handbag.  I think the lotion itself didn't stand out that much but its' scent would make me buy it again alone.  (Edit:  My husband & I were trying to work out what it reminds us of - it's a mix between cheap lemonade icepoles & fruit loops!)

2.  Om She Aromatherapy Liquid Eye Liner Pot  -  Colour

I have never used liquid eye liner as I usually like the kohl eyeliner pencils or the pen-type nibs.  The eye liner was a deep blue colour which I would never wear unfortunately but I decided to try it anyway.  I found this impossible to apply but as they say 'practice makes perfect'...  I think I'm going to have to do a whole lot more practice because I've got a long way to go before I'll be able to make it look good.  The eye liner itself applied quite smooth but as I said I have nothing to compare it with.  I will let you know in future if I have any more luck with it :)

3.  Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner  -  Cult

I really like this product and I was expecting to :)  I haven't tried anything by Bioderma but have heard great things so assumed it would be good.  I used this after moisturiser under my BB cream and it provided the perfect base.  I have tried a few toners before but never a specific "pore" one.  I loved the way this made my face feel and the way it made my makeup stay on.  Pretty much it does what it says which is great!

4.  John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Intense After-Colour Conditioner  -  Essential

This conditioner is for dyed hair which I haven't got so obviously this conditioner didn't do for me what it should do.  However I loved the "expensive salon" smell of this conditioner and the way it removed the knots from my hair.  The conditioner didn't make my hair that soft unfortunately so I probably wouldn't buy it again as that is one of the main reasons I condition my hair.  Also my split ends were a lot more noticeably "split"?  Let me know whether you've tried this conditioner and whether you had this problem too?

5.  Om She Aromatherapy Wash Away Milk Cleanser  -  Essential

I loved this product which I wasn't expecting!  I used a small amount of this in the shower after my usual routine to cleanse my face.  This has made my face lovely and soft and also is a help with removing the majority of my eye makeup in the shower.  The only thing I don't like about this product is the smell which isn't enough to put me off.

BONUS  Swisspers Naturals Aloe Daily Moisturiser SPF 15

I loved the size of this sample packet (5ml) because it was enough to do my hands and all of my legs which is quite rare for a sample packet.  This left my legs feeling soft for a couple of days which is all I want from a moisturiser :)  The smell was nothing to write home about but was ok.

All up I really enjoyed my first month's Bella Box and can't wait for March's.  They have put up their next sneak peek on their Facebook Page and March's theme is....


This theme is all about Bella Box showing us secrets from their  Beauty Diaries :)  They also let us know in the sneak peek that each box will be receiving a full size Model Co Lipstick which I am quite excited about because I haven never tried them!  They have also changed the box to the signature blue colour which I love.

So... I cannot wait for March's box which should start getting shipped today (Friday 13th of March).

What did you guys think of February's Bella Box?  Did you get any different products or have you got any tips on using the products better?  Let me know!

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