6 March 2014

Inspiration & Motivation

Inspiration is easy.  We find it everywhere.  It could be a quote from a trainer or a heart wrenching story on TV.  You can be inspired by the good in the world but also by the bad because you want to make a change.  Everywhere we look we see things like this:



And this inspiration is great.  However inspiration alone does not get things done.  You need motivation as well.

Motivation is what I struggle with.  Every day I try and a lot of days I struggle to stay motivated in the things I really want to do.  I really want to lose weight and get healthy.  I have wanted it for a long time and I am not alone it this.  And why do so many people want this but fail?  Because a lot of people (like me) lack the motivation needed to get the job done, get out there and get active!

One of my favourite youtubers/bloggers Louise +Sprinkleofglitter  (blog: sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.com)  recently began a health kick as part of her new years resolutions which you can follow using the hashtag #glittergetsfitter.  She has kept it up really well which is where inspiration comes in.  She has inspired me to start a journey but as I mentioned before I lack motivation.  This is where Louise comes in again.  On the 3rd of March she posted that she was aiming to do 20 #glittergetsfitter's in March so 20 out of 31 days.  That is achievable and was an awesome motivation for me.  You see I struggle to get motivation because I struggle to find ideas that work.  But this sounds like an awesome idea.

So here is my plan...

There are currently 26 more days of March.  I plan to stick to my current eating plan for at least 20 out of those 26 days.  This seems so achievable to me.  It gives me days off if I need them (eg: going out or to someone's house) but makes me work towards a goal.  This doesn't mean I'll eat fantastic for 20 days straight and then eat junk for 6 days.  If I can I hope to be able to eat well all 26 days.  If this works I will be so so happy and will try for 24 days out of 30 in April and so on :)

Wish me luck!

Let me know how you get motivated or if there are any motivational quotes that inspire you?

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