11 March 2014

Le Tan Wash Off Bronze - Instant Tan

 I haven't been the biggest "tanner" in the world ever really.  I mean when I was in high school I remember feeling like I had to tan my legs like the other girls.  But after a lot of bad streaky attempts I decided that fake tan wasn't for me.

When I received a sample size of  Le Tan Wash Off  instant tan in Bronze I wasn't sure whether I wanted to try it.  I have finally gotten myself to be ok with my paleness and I didn't think I needed a fake tan in my life.  But because I wanted to review it for you guys I have tried it :)

 When you first spray it on it looks scary!  But once you rub it in you see that it is surprisingly very easy to work it into your skin.  As I said you literally just have to rub it onto your skin like you would a lotion.  The colour is quite a bronze colour which makes you look like you've been to Hawaii or somewhere else beachy!

The colour in this pic is making it much more orange than it is!

 Overall I think it is a very good instant tan.  As I said I haven't had that much experience in the tanning arena but I know what makes for a bad tan. This tan is very easy to apply and doesn't streak whatsoever.  The fantastic thing about the tan is that it is extremely easy to wash off in the shower with some body wash.  That said if you just stand in the water or go swimming it doesn't come off so it is the best of both worlds!

Have you tried this tan & if so what did you think?  Also let me know if you have any tips for pale girls! :)

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