1 May 2014

Date Night/Present Idea

On Tuesday night my hubby & I went out for a spontaneous date night.  We had two free movie tickets as well as a gift card to Hoyts and though why not :)  So we decided to go and see The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro...

We'd seen the first movie and really liked it, plus there was nothing else on really.  We really enjoyed and it and really suggest you go and check it out!  There was a fair bit more action in it so if you're a scaredy cat (like me lol) I wouldn't suggest watching it in 3D.  There is also a lot of romance in it and I have officially decided that Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield are THE CUTEST couple ever!!

Now what made our night so much better is that we didn't have to pay for anything.  I had received the tickets from a company when I cancelled a subscription and my cousins gave me a $30.00 Hoyts Voucher for Christmas.  This was awesome because it meant we didn't have to pay to get in AND we got to have some Snack Bar food without the guilt from the (INSANE) prices.  We got a popcorn, coffee & water... mmm-hhmm!!

Sooo if you are looking for a good gift idea (hint hint... mother's day is coming up!) then buy a Cinema Gift Card.  Even if it's not a lot they can always use it on the Snack Bar!

Let me know if you've seen any good new releases recently as I always love watching new movies!

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