7 May 2014

Bella Box April 2014 - Reviews

1.  Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm  -  Cult
I really loved the smell of this and if you like peppermint then you will too!  This lip balm made my lips tingle like nothing out just like it says it will.  My lips definitely feel softer but the balm doesn't seem to "fix" my already chapped lips.  I think I will stick to my Lucas Papaw Ointment but will  keep this one in my handbag.

2.  St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Face Lotion  -  Cult
 As stated in my March review I don't fake tan.  I have finally embraced my inner-pale-girl and don't like the "I dipped myself in a bowl of Doritos" look.  However my husband told me to just give it a go and so I did.  I rubbed in the fake tan like I would face moisturiser (all over my face and neck) and then scrubbed my hands.  This fake tan is instant and so, as the name suggests, I instantly saw the result which made it really easy to build it up the tone I wanted.  This tan was very natural and though I probably won't repurchase I will definitely finish off the tube.

Swatches:  Indio Eye Rise, St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Face Lotion
3.  Indio Eye Rise  -  Luxe
 I really liked this product!  You just dab a small bit beneath each eye and pat it in with your ring finger.  Something so simple, yet it gives instant results.  My under-eye circles grow lighter and my eyes appear brighter.  I have also used this when my eyes have been puffy and this cream has reduced that too!  I love this cream... I wish it wasn't so expensive though :(

4.  Avon Mega Effects Mascara  -  Colour
I'm not going to lie - this mascara looks scary!  But I really enjoyed it.  It takes a bit of practise getting the correct angle but once you get it right it creates lovely long, thick lashes.  I use this mascara on both my top and bottom lashes and it creates an amazing, dramatic effect.  I am so glad I got to try this mascara as I probably wouldn't have been brave enough with Bella Box!

5.  Vaseline Ultimate 10 Anti-Ageing Body Lotion  -  Essential
Vaseline lotions are good.  They make you feel nice and soft however I'm not sure whether I've noticed any "anti-ageing" properties.  I use this on my hands at night and I really enjoy it though I'm not sure that I would ever repurchase it.

BONUS  Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup
I was not impressed with this "bonus sample".  I didn't really see the point of it as the colours were really random and wouldn't suit everyone so basically it was something most people would throw away.  I found the lightest shade did suit me but there wasn't enough to test the foundation out??

Overall this was my favourite Bella Box so far!  I will use all but one of the items but luckily this item is the bonus one and so worth the least!

So far we have seen this sneak peak of the upcoming May 2014 Box and I've gotta say I cannot wait!!

What did you guys think of April's Bella Box?  Did you get any different products or have you got any tips on using the products better?  Let me know!

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