6 May 2014

What's up with you!

So I am currently sitting at my desk after 45 minutes of having my (numb) mouth open as far as I could while two dentists crammed as many instruments into my mouth as possible.  My mouth is still completely numb (on one side) and it is the strangest sensation... I am not enjoying it.  I had a follow up appointment today and the dentist thought I may possibly need a root canal which I really did not want and I am now partying because all I needed was a filling!  Sooo I saved myself $1000 - $2500 and that is awesome!  But right now I am feeling very sorry for myself because my lip is all droopy and my teeth are starting to hurt....

blah blah blah....

Ok you get the point!

Lol in better news when I got back to work I saw these two little birdies having a bath in a puddle... and it was SO CUTE!!  Day made. :)

So yesterday I had planned to get home, cook a yummy dinner, clean our house and take plenty of pictures for my blog.  What actually happened was I missed my bus and then missed the train so I ended up only getting to my station at 6:30 pm (1 hour after I finished work) and then home at about 7:00 pm.    We had wedges with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce for tea (and salad - don't worry lol) and then pretty much I got into bed by 8:15, read for about 1/2 hour, and then fell asleep.

So tonight I am going to try and get done what I wanted to do yesterday and we'll see how I go!  Hopefully tomorrow I can get up my April Bella Box Review and a recipe *fingers crossed*

We were soooo busy on the weekend and I worked out that I was only at home for about 2 hours awake.  Which probably didn't help with me feeling well.

(Random side note:  I just dribbled because I tried to drink water but my face is too numb... haha so embarrassing!!)

What have you been up to lately??  Let me know so that I can live vicariously through you! haha

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