16 July 2015

23 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

As of today I am 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant... can you tell I'm quite bad at being regular at these!  A lot has happened in the pregnancy world

Antenatal Classes
Over the past two weeks my husband and I have attended the first two of the six antenatal classes we are going to at the Lyell McEwin Hospital which is where we plan to have our little one.  I was a bit dubious about the Lyell Mac but after going to the first class which was a tour of the birthing unit my fears have been wiped away.  The rooms are pretty amazing with double beds, spa baths and a courtyard where you can go outside.  If you're in these rooms you can't get an epidural but I wasn't planning on that anyway.  The second class the dads and mums were separated and the mums were led by one of the physios at the hospital.  I am hoping to get a one-on-one with a physio at the hospital as I was a bit unclear on some of the exercises but the class was still very useful.

Well I am well and truly feeling movements now and I am loving it!  Everyone keeps telling me I'll get sick of it but at the moment it's a pregnancy highlight.  I'm not feeling them all the time but definitely several times a day especially when I'm relaxing.  What's even more exciting is that my husband has finally felt the movements himself which makes me so happy.  I almost felt guilty that I could feel our baby but he couldn't so it's awesome that now he can.  Funnily enough I still haven't felt it from the outside but I'm sure I will soon enough :)

 My bump is here to stay... at least for now anyway!  And after the movement this is what I love the most.  I love the fact that I have a little baby in me and that I can cuddle my bump :)  Haha I probably sound a bit mushy and lame but it's true.  I already can tell that I'll miss my bump... no matter how many people tell me I won't.  There's something special about carrying your child inside of you.

I'm still emotional but I expected this.  I've started with the stress again but not as bad as last time.  My life is just so extremely busy at the moment so there's no wonder.

Due to being very busy I haven't done a whole lot more with bub's room.  I have however sorted out all his/her things and hung clothes in cupboard properly which is quite exciting!  I want to get some more baby coat hangers so I can hang the rest of the clothes we have up.  I know I'll probably never use these once bubs is here but they just look so cute!

And those are all the updates I can think of :)

Hope your week is going well

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